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Compartimos la interesantísima presentación y demostración de Guillermo Rodríguez en la CharruaCon2017. Para conocer más sobre nuestros servicios de Pentest: Penetration Test Intradós.

Internet recibió un duro golpe ocasionado por un ataque masivo de phishing a cuentas de Google

Someone Hit the Internet with a Massive Google Doc Phishing Attack PSA: don’t click on random Google Doc links. A massive phishing campaign targeting Google accounts ripped through the internet on Wednesday afternoon. Several people online across a range of industries said they received emails containing what looked like a link to a Google Doc that appeared to come from someone they know. These, however, were malicious emails designed to hijack their accounts. If you have clicked on the link, go to your Google account's page ( where you can manage the permissions you've granted to apps (or go through the whole Google Security Checkup). Then locate the

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